Most web developers across the globe are migrating towards Flutter app development for various reasons. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t aware of flutter framework and invest their time and money in hiring offshore app development teams for different platforms.

A Brief Introduction Flutter

Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) created by Google. The popularity of flutter has grown as it is being used for apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Linux-based Google Fuchsia. It means flutter has a wide scope in today’s development industry.

Primarily, flutter is used for developing mobile apps for Android and iOS. The prime reason for its huge demand across the globe is its capability to use a single codebase to work across different OSs. It makes flexible programming possible.

Digging into its history, flutter was introduced in 2015 at the DART developer summit, where it was only offered for Android app development.

In the last months of 2018, flutter got its stable release, making it a full-fledged mobile app development language. It uses DART and C++ as its official languages.

Unfortunately, numerous businesses across the globe still lack knowledge about flutter’s advantages; hence look for traditional app development languages. Numerous companies like Alibaba, Square, eBay, Tencent, and Google (itself) are some of the major users of Flutter language.

FACT: According to a survey in 2021, nearly 42% of developers use flutter.

However, if you are looking forward to using flutter as your mobile app development language, it’s crucial to know why it stands out.

Cross-Platform Programming:

The prime and foremost reason behind flutter’s popularity is its cross-platform programming capability. It means flutter has made it easy to build and launch a single application that can run across different platforms (a total of six mentioned earlier). This eliminates the cost of hiring an offshore mobile app development team for different platforms.

You can hire a flutter app developer for a single app and use it across different platforms hassle-free.

This benefit of flutter is a game changer in reducing development costs for any business. Further, the overall time for app development has also reduced significantly. This makes it the best and first preference for startups looking to reach their users/customers quickly.

On the side of programmers, coding generally is complicated enough; programmers always welcome innovations that make their work easy without dumbing the process down.

Use Single Codebase:

Every developer you hire for different platform use different logic and innovations to create a custom app for the client. The most challenging task in app development is using different code base that adds server load. However, flutter eliminates the complexity of code as a single codebase is used for all app platforms. With a single codebase, the app performance remains superior compared to using different languages for platform-specific apps.

Another reason for considering flutter is regulating the entire application single-handedly. The output changes for all app platforms with a small change in the app code. Hence, you don’t require a dedicated mobile app developer to work on different codes and make the desired code changes.

Backed by Google:

What’s better than getting a secure and dependable app development language backed by Google? Google is the father of flutter, building a strong foundation for developers and building trust flow. Numerous official and unofficial forums are available for flutter developers to discuss their queries and get lessons to new updates for free.

Cost-effect App Development:

Initial app development investment matters for startups, and flutter is a boon for such businesses. Flutter is a one-for-all language that helps developers build and launch one mobile application and run across different platforms without myriad coding. For businesses, investing in flutter app development is negligible compared to hiring dedicated app developers for different app platforms (like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)

Enhanced Libraries and Business Logic:

Flutter developers use Skia Graphics Library, which is fast and mature. Its UI is redrawn with a small view change, resulting in quick, smooth webpage loading. Furthermore, no platform-specific UI is required in flutter, which reduces excessive coding practices. It provides an unambiguous API for building UI, which improves performance.

Native App Similarities

Flutter is an advanced framework that inherits the characteristics of the native Android language that works as a wrapper- creating a connection between the native language with the data. Flutter helps in apps with fast operations across different platforms, as it employs the DART programming language.