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What do want in your technology partner? Among all things you need, we drive technology better than others. We’re a trusted team, headed by a Co-Founder duo with 25 years of experience. For last 3+ years we provided amazing web and mobile app development services & brought great revenues till date.
Brooks Network Services

The Brooks Network Services app is the simple, fast, and secure way to help solve all your IT needs.
Essentially, the app is designed and being built for customer support and entertainment. Entertainment
creates client engagement, and we are starting with an interactive portion of our App to drive adoption.

Dahlia Health

Companion app for Dahlia Health Professionals
We are beings that thrive on light. Without it, we would not exist. By harnessing the power of light,
Dahlia Health can help the body regain chemical balance, reduce fat and increase skin resilience. Dahlia
manufacturers medical-grade systems based on peer reviewed research from the US National Institute
of Health to doctors, clinics and spas.

Motivate You

MotivateYou is not just a motivation app, it's a revolutionary high performance lifestyle coach that you
can connect to at any time through video or chat to receive your D.O.S.E. Dopamine, Oxytocin,
Serotonin and Endorphins to become your best self for whatever challenge you face. A community that
produces a better version of yourself that fulfills your God given purpose. If you want to be the best, get
ready to MotivateYou! "WE CAN. WE WILL. WATCH US." Make a Difference

Kalea Archer

Kalea Archer is a platform for emerging designers or creators to create their own fashion brands from
scratch. Our mission is to allow consumers to discover original brands in an easy sufficient way while
emerging designers or creators are raising brand awareness, lowering cost, and giving value across the
Why Us? Our platform is specifically for building a community of designers to enhance inclusivity.
Fashion lovers can discover new and original brands that diversify their closets.

The PediDose

The Pedi Dose is an app designed for parents and caregivers to administer the right amount of
acetaminophen and ibuprofen to their child. Using the child's most current weight The Pedi Dose is able
to calculate the right dose of medication every time.
Not sure what medication you have on hand? We give you the opportunity to scan the product barcode
to pull up the EXACT medication you have at home.


Drive or be driven
We are building the world's most robust car service network to connect people to the places they want
to go safely and promptly. The ARC offers hybrid rental services by prioritizing client preferences and
e-LANTiS is a Telematics Technology Development Company that focuses on data-centric solutions. We
are transforming transportation from an outdated, directive approach toward more collaborative
methods that utilize new and innovative ways to…


Live streaming for the Band/Artist, where they can accept tips.
Live streaming for the Band/Artist, where they can accept tips. Free of Censoring.


Simplify your night with BarCrawl! This simple mobile ordering system will help you avoid the crowd and
have you spending less time waiting for a drink and more time hanging with your friends. Instead of
getting pushed and bumped trying to get to the front of the bar to order your drink, now you can talk
with your friends anywhere in the bar while your drink is being made after ordering through the app.
Simply pick up your drink by showing the bartender your confirmation screen and have it already paid
for with your stored Apple Pay or credit card. Get your drinks faster and avoid the crowd with BarCrawl!


Checkball was created to help eliminate the inefficiencies associated with pickup basketball play. Use
our app to find local basketball courts, create connections with fellow players, and display your love for
the game however you see fit. With options to participate in weekly debates, you'll have the
opportunity to share your knowledge of the sport or simply observe the opinions of others. Our blog
section provides you with articles to read at your leisure whereas our player spotlight provides a nice
reward for our most engaged users. Try Checkball out today and see if it checks off all your basketball


Do you have curly, coily or wavy hair? Do you wish you could search for specific ingredients when
looking for new hair products? Or could exclude certain ingredients? Well, look no further! Curl Planet’s
search engine has these advanced search capabilities and more. Curl Planet also provides guidance on
curly hair essentials, such as brushes, bonnets, silk pillowcases, and diffusers, as well as Extras with links
to fun curly hair T shirts, hard water filters and curly kids’ books, to name just a few. Visit Curl Planet


DentScore is an app made for dental school by a dental student. Worry less about what to do and more
about how to do it by streamlining feedback and assignment submissions. Grade your assignments
instantly with real-time updating of rubric scores as you fill out your assessments. Submit assignments
as soon as you're done getting feedback right from the instructor- no more chasing down signatures at
the end of lab! Instructors can create courses, rubrics, assignments, track your students progress, and
more from the instructor dashboard. For more information on how to incorporate DentScore into your
dental school curriculum, email support@dentscore.io

Gama Electronics

Add Bluetooth functionality to GAMA Electronics RF remote control systems.
Note: Compatible hardware is required.


GoDrip lets you shop locally without having to leave your house! Shop at a participating store and get
your order delivered to your doorstep.
GoDrip lets you shop locally without having to leave your house! Shop at a participating store and get
your order delivered to your doorstep within hours.


Embark on a spiritual journey of guided meditations, led by a master in mindfulness and meditation, Dr.
The HappCo Meditation Journey (HMJ) is a unique guided meditation program comprised of over 200
meditations. Users are guided through a 12-part meditative series by Dr. Zachary Berk. Each series
explores something new to keep your experiences fresh and exciting!

Hello Vegan

Despite an exploding vegan movement, being vegan can still be lonely. We want to change that, which is
why we have created a platform to make it easy for you to build your vegan social circle. Unlike social
media, we offer a way to build meaningful relationships – whether it be friends or dates.
Perhaps you are a vegan mom looking to meet other vegan moms. Or, you are simply looking for a
vegan friend that shares your lifestyle and passions. Or, maybe, you are single looking to date or to
expand your social circle. No matter what stage of life you are in, or who you are, your only qualification
for joining is to be vegan, an aspiring vegan or mostly vegan and a desire to meet another vegan.


Drop is an on-demand delivery service bringing you small-to-medium items, tools, and equipment from
the home improvement stores you know and trust. DIY home improvement has never been easier!
Simply use the app to browse and purchase the materials you need for your home improvement project,
and our professional Droppers will hand-deliver them straight to your door within an hour.


Feeling LonelyAF ? We make it easy AF to get the connection you want.
LonelyAF, the must-have app to find your next great, unforgettable event. LonelyAF offers 3 browsing
styles, uses advanced filtering, along with powerful security features, to deliver an experience that beats
the competition. Download LAF app today and you won’t be LonelyAF for long!

Miracle Closet

Miracle Closet is the first marketplace application where a percentage of all sales is donated to a
charitable organization.
It’s an easy and convenient way for individuals to declutter their homes, make some extra money and
give back to their community at the same time. Sellers can designate a percentage (between 50%-100%)
of the item's sales price that will be donated to the charity, giving them the flexibility to choose how
much they want to give back.

Mixology Ice

First clear ice ordering app ever! Create, pay and get your ice orders delivered for your Bars, Restaurants
or Hotels. Select your payment terms and get immediate discounts. Auto Purchase Order generation
with quick check out shopping cart experience. Add multiple delivery addresses with your delivery
instructions. Plan the way you buy and pay for ice with Secure bank and credit card integration with
Plaid and Stripe. Create recurring orders, schedule deliveries like a Pro with weekly and bi-weekly
selections so you don't ever run out of ice. Get your order history in one place with saved copies of
signed invoices and proof of delivery and get notified about your upcoming app orders.

Food Guru

Food guru is a food trivia game where the trivia is created by the user’s posting pictures of their eating
and drinking experiences, either at home or at a restaurant or at a Bar & grill. Anywhere that serves food
and drink. User will have chances to win gift cards from their favorite restaurants once they have answer
so many questions correctly. There is a safe section for kids to post their eating experiences or their
cooking experience. This game gives you the ability to see new foods and restaurants across the world
as well as locally. The users get the ultimate experience of sharing their food pictures and turning them
into trivia and winning prizes.


Mobile app design that gives permanence and relevance to the story of a life.

Our Culture Score
Our Culture Score

Culture Score understands that culture encompasses the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a specific nation, people, or social group. We firmly believe that exceptional organizations, teams, and groups maintain their effectiveness and foster success by intentionally cultivating a shared language, aligned actions, and celebrated accomplishments that reflect their values, vision, and mission.