Our Portfolio

What do want in your technology partner? Among all things you need, we drive
technology better than others. We’re a trusted team, headed by a Co-Founder duo with
25 years of experience. For last 3+ years we provided amazing web and mobile app
development services & brought great revenues till date.

Brooks Network Services

The Brooks Network Services app is the simple, fast, and secure way to help solve all your IT needs.
Essentially, the app is designed and being built for customer support and entertainment. Entertainment
creates client engagement, and we are starting with an interactive portion of our App to drive adoption.

Dahlia Health

Companion app for Dahlia Health Professionals
We are beings that thrive on light. Without it, we would not exist. By harnessing the power of light,
Dahlia Health can help the body regain chemical balance, reduce fat and increase skin resilience. Dahlia
manufacturers medical-grade systems based on peer reviewed research from the US National Institute
of Health to doctors, clinics and spas.

Food Guru

Food guru is a food trivia game where the trivia is created by the user’s posting pictures of their eating
and drinking experiences, either at home or at a restaurant or at a Bar & grill. Anywhere that serves food
and drink. User will have chances to win gift cards from their favorite restaurants once they have answer
so many questions correctly. There is a safe section for kids to post their eating experiences or their
cooking experience. This game gives you the ability to see new foods and restaurants across the world
as well as locally. The users get the ultimate experience of sharing their food pictures and turning them
into trivia and winning prizes.

Got mold?

Mold testing is expensive, and it's hard to know who to trust. We’re here to help.
This app works with the GOT MOLD? Test Kit available at It allows you to submit
new projects, track status, view reports and manage your account.

Motivate You

MotivateYou is not just a motivation app, it's a revolutionary high performance lifestyle coach that you
can connect to at any time through video or chat to receive your D.O.S.E. Dopamine, Oxytocin,
Serotonin and Endorphins to become your best self for whatever challenge you face. A community that
produces a better version of yourself that fulfills your God given purpose. If you want to be the best, get
ready to MotivateYou! "WE CAN. WE WILL. WATCH US." Make a Difference

Kalea Archer

Kalea Archer is a platform for emerging designers or creators to create their own fashion brands from
scratch. Our mission is to allow consumers to discover original brands in an easy sufficient way while
emerging designers or creators are raising brand awareness, lowering cost, and giving value across the
Why Us? Our platform is specifically for building a community of designers to enhance inclusivity.
Fashion lovers can discover new and original brands that diversify their closets.

The PediDose

The Pedi Dose is an app designed for parents and caregivers to administer the right amount of
acetaminophen and ibuprofen to their child. Using the child's most current weight The Pedi Dose is able
to calculate the right dose of medication every time.
Not sure what medication you have on hand? We give you the opportunity to scan the product barcode
to pull up the EXACT medication you have at home.