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We are a North Carolina-based company that offers support and maintenance services for mobile apps. To keep your app competitive, strong, and secure, we are devoted to providing quick app maintenance & support services. Thanks to our maintenance services' regular updates and latest features, your app will always be current.

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Why Mobile Application Maintenance Is Required?

To help you improve your mobile application, we offer a talented team of tech engineers at your disposal. With a focus on the consumer's needs, we provide high-quality items.

Performance Tuning: As a mobile app's popularity and user base increase, it starts to experience many problems, such as slow response times and recurrent crashes brought on by outdated technology and incompatible OS versions, among other things. These problems are swiftly fixed by the mobile app maintenance services, which track them frequently.

Application Debugging: Many issues may be present when a mobile app is being tested before release because there needs to be a realistic environment or sufficient data. The problem tracking and bug repair processes are frequently carried out thanks to mobile app maintenance and support services.

Data Migration: Companies have numerous challenges when switching from an outdated mobile app to a more modern one because they need more data conversion competence. This extremely specialized duty is taken care of by the android app maintenance services.

UI/UX Overhaul: These days, visually appealing mobile apps draw in customers. The android app maintenance services review the UI/UX of your mobile app, and they can quickly remodel the entire program. It improves your mobile app's visual attractiveness, which will increase sales.

Feature Extension: Due to strategic or regulatory considerations, mobile apps frequently need to integrate a minor function in an existing feature. The cost and time for the company are significantly reduced by working with a mobile app maintenance partner.

Empower Your Business with Our Mobile App Support and Maintenance Services

Bug Fixes

Although inevitable, bugs can be avoided. After extensive testing, we may remove defects from any code and work to reduce their frequency in the future.

App Updates

Our staff can offer timely updates that will benefit your users. We'll also craft original descriptions and other vital elements for the app stores.

App Re-Engineering

To modernize and migrate legacy systems, we evaluate them and perform the necessary upgrades to languages, technologies, interfaces, and databases.

New Feature Implementation

Our development team can quickly include new features that increase user value and open up new commercial opportunities for you.

OS and Library Updates

Every year, new operating systems and libraries are released; as soon as they are available, we will employ them to your company's advantage.

Code Maintenance

We dislike abandoned apps and shoddy programming. Any product's life cycle naturally includes maintenance, which we are pleased to carry out.

Data Migration

If you need to transfer data from one software program to another, we'll do so seamlessly and with the most negligible downtime possible.

Application Security Management

We continuously evaluate programs for security flaws, arrange documentation, and update security tools to ensure that hackers have no chance.

Performance Enhancements

Updates or new features can cause your app to lag. We'll ensure it loads as quickly as possible to give users the most incredible experience.

App Monitoring Services

To ensure that your application is reliable and secure, we routinely verify its code for quality and security. We also promptly deliver updates and upgrades.

UI/UX Improvements

Based on your business requirements, user behavior, and the most recent design trends in your industry, we offer and execute the best UI/UX design methods.

We help you with mobile app maintenance services. Hence, drop your inquiry at or call us at +1 (919) 724-4689 to empower your business. Our business development team will get back to you.

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Why Choose Solid App Makers As Your Partner for App Maintenance & Services?

There are various reasons why we are one of the best agencies for app maintenance solutions. Here are a few:

  • In-depth Code Audit
  • Transparency and Quality Assurance
  • Passionate and Talented Professionals
  • Dedicated Developer or Team
  • Commitment To Quality
  • Deliver Excellent Solutions by Using a Specialized, Proven Approach
  • Proactive Observation
  • Quick and Cordial Communication

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