Flutter is one of the highly demanded app development frameworks that come with multiple advantages over conventional app development frameworks. The affordable pricing of hiring a flutter app developer is one of many reasons behind the growing popularity of the framework. But the big question is- how much does a flutter app development cost?

Whether you are planning to hire flutter app developer or serve offshore clients, you must know the factors that influence the final cost of flutter application development.

Here we are sharing the factors affecting app development costs on the flutter framework.

Experience of Developer:

Not all app developers are proficient in catering to your customized app development needs. You can rely on beginner-level developers for basic applications, but it won’t work for complex applications. With complexity, you will require an experienced app developer, significantly increasing your app development cost.

NOTE: You can ask for the portfolio and developer’s resume to acknowledge their expertise and previous work experience.

App UI UX Design:

Appealing UI UX is nowadays a crucial factor that lets you outrank the competition and provide an engaging mobile application for the users. However, adding a customer-pleasing design to your flutter application will significantly increase its overall cost. The design also involves complexity that affects the price chart of your flutter application.

Every business understands that design and navigation (UI UX) significantly impact your business’s cost and success. Hiring a professional flutter app developer can help you eliminate the design complexity and provide a seamless user experience that your app users would love.

NOTE: You should focus on serving a positive app experience for the users when shortlisting a flutter app developer.

Project Complexity:

Not all flutter applications require the same set of code. Instead, it varies from one business to another, depending upon what they want to serve. It means the complexity of any application is deferred according to the business requirements.

Factors that decide the app’s complexity involves:

  • The deployment architecture model
  • Third-party Integration tools
  • A Flutter app’s ability to use a device’s inbuilt features.
  • Admin panel development
  • Addition of the technologies like- Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, etc.
  • Integration with the legacy system and other hardware devices.

Third-Party Integration:

Some applications also require third-party integrations, which takes the efforts to the next level. Hence, it’s not a to-do for beginner app developers. You would require someone with hands-on experience in third-party integrations.

Features and functionality you can integrate with your Flutter app are:

  • AR/VR-based applications
  • 3D modeling
  • Social Integration
  • Push messages
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Body sensors for Health care apps
  • Geopositioning or AR navigation

NOTE: You should ensure that the flutter app developer has earlier worked on a similar project with similar complexity and integrations.


The time required for an app development differs based on features, manpower, services opted, and the current status of the application. Yet, many businesses look for quick flutter app development services, which creates additional pressure on the app development team to deliver it before the given timeframe. In such a scenario, more manpower is invested in completing the app development task before the timeline without compromising its functionality, design, and security.

Obviously, the increase in manpower for a short timeframe directly elevates the flutter app development cost. Simply, as the timeline decreases, more developers will get involved, increasing the final price.

Layout Of Application:

The layout depicts your application’s visual representation, primarily the UI of your mobile app. The app UI can make or break your efforts; hence it’s crucial to consider the app design as the critical yet essential component of the app development process. The major components that are included in the UI part include:

  • Animation material
  • The complexity of the layout( number of elements you want to add)
  • Graphical content
  • Interaction between programmer and user

These factors determine the efforts and manpower required to develop the flutter app and deliver it on time. So, the layout of your application is another crucial factor that affects the final flutter app development price.

Server Space Price:

All applications and websites require digital space for root files and user-data storage. Hence, you will require server space to upload your app files and deploy them for use. However, you should note that server space doesn’t come for free. Different server providers have different pricing. It’s evident that cheap service will have a greater response time, resulting in low-performing applications. Overall, getting a good server will be added to the flutter app development billing.

Backend Development:

The backend of any application is often termed as its backbone as it maintains multiple options for the team to entertain customers/users, like real-time chatbots, app security, data backup, user data, etc. Hence, determining the flutter app development cost involves backend development based on your business needs. With the help of backend development support, you can get the below-listed benefits:

  • Get user’s data and provide a personalized experience
  • Manage the app security with data encryptions
  • Backup data; whenever required

App Maintenance & Support:

No application can survive with old code as the technology upgrade, and the app functionality, design, and code become outdated. Hence, timely maintenance is essential to keep the application updated and safe from security threats. Timely support always helps to maintain a high-security level without compromising the user’s sensitive data. Once your app is released in the market, maintenance and support become a crucial part of your app development which is majorly a subscription-based costing. Maintenance and update costs are added to the monthly billing, which also hikes the final app cost.

That said, you have now understood different factors that cumulatively work to calculate the cost of flutter app development. Solid App Makers let you hire a dedicated flutter app developer to develop a fully-functional app at a competitive price. Contact us or call +1 919-706-6336 to discuss your mobile app requirements.