Nowadays, digital marketing has become a basic need for every business with an online presence. Search Engine Optimization is their pre-requisite as it builds a solid and organic base for your website. Unfortunately, many companies move back from investing their money in SEO. Such businesses always neglect the real SEO potential due to various market myths.

So, if you are also an online business planning for online promotion, you should know the common Search Engine Optimization myths that are debunked alongside.

Myth 1: High Keyword Density Will Improve Page Ranking

Keyword density is described as the count of keywords per 100 words. A higher keyword density means adding prime keywords multiple times in your content, which most marketers consider good practice to get higher search rankings. This isn’t the truth!

Crowding your webpage with keywords (intentionally for ranking) is worthless as it will drag you far behind the top search results. It is often termed keyword stuffing which isn’t a good content optimization practice.

Excessive use of keywords in your content can even lead to search penalties that will drain your entire SEO efforts into vein. Hence, it’s better to research thoroughly and create content primarily for the readers (keeping search engines into consideration).

The right keyword with right placement is the format to engage users and drive quality traffic to your website.

Myth 2: Quantity of Links is More Important than Quality

Numerous businesses still think that the quantity of links still matters over quality. It’s False!

Gone are the days when low-quality link-building practices were in huge demand as they deliver tons of backlinks to your website. Today, the concept of link building has entirely changed to link acquisition. It means today; you should be more focused on earning links from high-authority websites.

Getting one link from a high-authority website is far better and more valuable than 100 low-quality links.

Too many links (spam links) to your website are useless as they are no more considered a value for your website. Instead, search engines consider such links as spam, drastically dispelling your existing search rankings.

Hence, you should majorly focus on creating quality backlinks from authority websites.

Myth 3: Link Building is No More Valuable in SEO

You are wrong if you think link building is useless in Search Engine Optimization. Search engines always crawl and index your website, which is used to show results on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) based on multiple factors. Interestingly, most search engines still consider backlinks as the prime factor in evaluating a website’s worthiness.

Quality links pass link juice which is beneficial in improving your search rankings.

Hence, you should always focus on building quality links for your website that significantly generate higher rankings and organic traffic.

Myth 4: SEO is a One-Time Job

Many businesses prefer a one-time investment in SEO and pause it after a few months. This isn’t the right way to work with the digital marketing team.

Search Engine Optimization is creating a user-friendly website that search engines love to rank. It means you need to continuously work towards creating/maintaining a user-friendly website that a search engine understands easily and ranks well.

In short, SEO is a continuous process that requires high efforts in OnPage and OffPage followed by regular efforts to maintain it for better search rankings.

NOTE: SEO isn’t a one-time investment like Paid Ads, Email marketing, etc. One-time investment means they will deliver results till you pay money. With SEO, you can get long-term results even after you stop investing in SEO practices.

Myth 5: SEO is Extremely Expensive

SEO is a fit-for-all marketing strategy that helps drive potential leads and high organic traffic. It’s one of the biggest myths that drive most businesses away from investing in Search Engine Optimization. Everyone can invest in getting higher search rankings, from small businesses to well-established companies, via Search Engine Optimization.

The exciting part of SEO is that its package varies based on company size, market competition, and client expectations.

If you want expert SEO services, you can connect with the team and discuss your requirements for a FREE quote and customized SEO package.

Final Thoughts:

Now you have understood that SEO is the best investment that you can make to uplift your website in search results. Solid App Maker is the right place to create and implement effective SEO strategies for any business. We are updated with the modern marketing trends that help your business get higher organic visibility across top search engines.